The 1986 SKLPC Tournament

March 22, 2017


This event was followed by a very spectacular football competition and I feel sorry for those of you who missed out on this event.

It seemed that Mexico 86′ was still; very much alive among the kutchi youths.

The suspense began when Samji and Babu, the two organisers, announced kick off time and the Argentine Bullies got ready to stamped, (did they think they were the true argentines!!!!), over the Indian-Irish team dressed smartly in green silk shirts.

Next to take off were the Ex-Lancs, obviously hotshot and Sam thought they were in Mexico and gained victory over R Patels Team.

In the mean time “ The Granddads” ( and I am noyt exaggerating) who came out brightly dressed in red/yellow shirts were geared up for an easy match, but boy were they in for a surprise. Dhanji Bhudia was so surprised that his glasses fell off, it was hard to believe that a bunch off Harlesden School Kids all of under 16 has slaughtered the granddads by 6 – 0 and most of the goals were scored by the star of the day Vijay Panchani, Little Maradonna (13).

The Ex-Lancs the Hendon Mob and the Indian Irish team made it through to the Semi-Finals and they were one match to go, the match that every one had been waiting for, Harlesden Whiz Kids vs Argentine Bullies.

The Harlesden Whiz Kids were whizzing through with their excellent passing and their cool technique (they were truly the Brazilians) but the bullies began to attack pushing and shoving frighten that they might lose with Little Maradona as the opposition, the star, my hero who scored goal against one the best goal-keepers

The bullies were bound top win with the referee being their best friend and their excellent style or bruising.

But the true heroes were the Harlesden Whiz Kids who did well to come fourth with courage and stamina and the ability to frighten the socks of the Bullies.

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