The 1994 SKLPC Tournament

March 22, 2017


Summer has dawned again, and that for many and eager football fanatics meant that the annual SKLP 5 a side competition. This year’s event may unfortunately be remembered for wrong reasons as it produced the sort of behaviour normally reserved on the English football terraces. Sadly a member of our community albeit one with only half a dozen brain cells displayed an act of violent aggression against a player whilst a game was in play.

The actions taken by SKLP exsecutive/5 a side committee against the individuals involved are as follows.

– Ban the player who provoked the incident from playing in the tournament for at least 1 year.
– Ban the person who punched the captain of ELP from attending the tournament for at least 2 years.

Back to the real point of interest now, the football that was being played.

A total of 32 teams, a continually increasing number battled it out on the pitches of Vale Farm Sports Complex this year to make this an even bigger event than last. The morning kicked off with the under 16 competition which produced a riot of goals in the early matched. The inaugural waiting had ended and the youngsters certainly showed that they meant business. Unfortunately though, the sun started to take its toll and the strain on the legs of the players started to exhibit itself. Exhaustion began to dictate the results and some of the games with the youngest and most inexperienced teams becoming the victims of the routings. Thankfully, the midday break arrived, giving the last few teams that were left in the second round a welcome and deserved rest.

Play resumed after an unavoidable 2 hour break to determine which 4 teams would be fortunate enough to reach the semi-finals at Copthall. The S.S Squad with their espionage skills and new entrants Diamond Dimensions certainly earned their places at Copthall. Another new entrant Kingsbury Builders Merchants produced the goals to earn their place against old hats Kodki. The under 16s semi-finalists then are :-

S.S Squad v Diamond Dimensions
Kingsbury v. Kodki

Whilst the under 16s were completing the final matches of their qualifying campaigns the seniors took to the other pitches to start theirs. Bendev and Baladia (A) started their campaigns in gladiator form whilst Kingsbury only managed a draw. The goalless trend was however, not uncommon. Many of usually mighty teams who habitually win with ruthlessness, this year showed a touch of mediocrity. To add to this the above incident early on during the seniors’ matches disrupted the schedule and appeared to have drained the enthusiasm from the players’ blood. The hunger for glory had definitely died – so much so that the subsequent games lacked passion.

Unfortunately, the quality of football was not the only victim of one particular person’s stupidity. The team that was unlucky enough to have him as their supporter sadly had to be disqualified.

As the afternoon wore in the football actually became more intense. This for many teams was probably due to the decreasing probability of their qualifying for the 2nd round. Unsurprisingly enough though, the regular giants of the competition all moved up a gear and made the 2nd round successfully.

The 2nd round came, delivering with it an increase in excitement. Competition between the teams intensified as places for the semi-finals loomed over the horizon. One major casualty was to be the absence of Bendev from the semi-finals as they narrowly missed qualification having played so bravely. The semi-finalists to play at Copthall will be:-

Kingsbury Builder Merchants v Red Indians
Harlesden Boys v. SKLPCC Bolton (A)

Congratulations go out to all those who qualified and great appreciation is due again for the members of Baladia who provided the 1st aid and that life saving bucket of water. I would also like to thank the organisers on behalf of all the teams that took part for their efforts before and during the tournament.

On a final note I would just like to remind the rest of the members in our community that the sort of mindlessness that was displayed on this day will not be tolerated in future and action will be taken against those persons who behave in this way.

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