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We write to thank all of our members who attended and supported the 219 Mela.  The record turnout was unprecedented and all our volunteer teams gave great effort in making the event successful.

As well as thanking all volunteers, we would also like to acknowledge the sacrifice and support given by their Partners and their Children, as we know the dedication and time spent meant that a lot of volunteers did not see their family members during these past few weeks.

We would also like to thank all those who came as guests, but realised their fellow community members required assistance and without hesitation joined to try and deliver a better event.  To the 50 or so youth who stayed back and moved over 2000 chairs in the main marque within 20 minutes, stacked over 700 chairs and 110 tables within half an hour in dining hall, thank you.  You and many others are our unsung heroes.

The amount of feedback we have had from social media as well as direct emails is outstanding and overwhelming including 17,701 post being read on our Facebook page.  We should all be proud as a community that we collectively delivered the 219 Event and we can confirm that all the feedback is being filed so we can make the next event bigger and more successful.

There are a lot of comments regarding the lunch provided and therefore we will give you a quick brief.  We originally based the numbers by doubling the last 5 years average attendance from 1500 to 3000 + 300 contingency.  Last week and after meeting with our media team, we were advised to re-consider this figure as indications showed there was a positive vibe on social media, temples etc.  Therefore we reviewed numbers again and instructed kitchen team to proceed with catering for 5000 + 500 back up stock, which is over three times the normal attendance.  The actual turnout was 7500-8000 members which is over five times the normal attendance, absolutely fantastic!!!  The team tried to be as dynamic as possible to cater for the needs of our members.  We will now review all suggestions and criticisms and adopt additional procedures whilst planning future events.

The Committee, Trustees, Gaam Representatives, Advisors, Volunteers have worked extremely hard this year with one goal to “RE-ENGAGE” with our community, to build bridges and stronger bonds between all affiliated organisations, temples and most of all our members.  The basic message was to show that we are one people, one Samaj, all of us pledging allegiance to the Samaj, a strong community unit with a strong sense of identity.  We believe we can say, we are definitely heading towards the right direction.

We can only improve and make changes as a community if you the members engage and come forward with your suggestions which can be emailed directly to  Additionally, we also request you all to get involved for future events and email us your details on

“United we stand, together we succeed”.

(We will accept praise or criticism, however we will not accept foul language or threatening behaviour.  Please refrain from these actions as you are all representing our Samaj.)

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    To enhance the quality of life through education, cultural, social and sports activities and instil values that will benefit society.

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