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Pindoria Solicitor’s sewa to our Kanbi Patel community for 2018 is to assist our community members to change their and their families name either forename or surname. For example, change from Patel or grandfathers surname to their proper surname; and many ladies want to remove bai or ben from their forenames.  We will not charge our normal fee and we will take instructions, prepare the Deed Poll, have 10 Deed Poll’s per person executed (5 for children) and we will prepare and draft up to 10 letters that can be printed and signed for posting together with the original Deed Poll.  All you need to do is put a stamp and post it.  We will also send you by email the sample letter that can be used for future reference.
I believe that for many members of our community this matter is a legacy issue in that it helps future generation identify their ancestral roots by using their atak like Pindoria or Varsani as their real and authentic family surname. Once the name has done then it is a permanent reminder of our background and who we are as a community.
Many people have been put off changing their name because of the hassle of not just getting a Deed Poll done but also the need to notify all the relevant authorises and organisations about the change of name. While this is a simple thing to do but most find it time-consuming or daunting and as a result put off changing their names.  To deal with this difficulty we will assist you with the whole process including the drafting of the relevant letters that need to be sent. With the assistance of volunteers we will prepare and print to up 10 letters for you.
If you are interested in taking up this offer from Pindoria Solicitors, please send me an email at and I will send you the relevant forms for you to complete.  We will also send you information about the procedure for execution of the Deed Poll and how we can assist with the letter informing relevant organisation know that you have changed your name.  For example, HMRC, NI office, local council (council tax and electoral roll), DWP, Pension Services, investment accounts, mortgage company, utilities, TV Licence, mobile providers etc.  If you do not require us to assist you with this process of notifications, then that would be fine.
There are no catches or hidden costs from us for using this service which is only available for Kutchi Leva Patel community members.

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