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RAF Event Day (6th Dec 2015)

The event is unique with Mohanbhai Hirani giving an presentation – covers talk on Aviation History, key milestone, current and future trends supported by Mohanbhai’s experience on many multinational RAF projects, such as Jaguar, Tornado, Hawk, Euro-fighter typhoon, well as other international projects, Wedgetail (AEW&C) , Orion (AP3C) and Helicopters Merlin (EH101).

The presentation will also cover first flight by wright brothers, demonstration of early flight instrument, impact of Aviation on humanity followed up with short film of Global air traffic and Lightning-2 vertical landing.

Lets make this Aviation event (6th December 15, 14:00-16:00) valuable for all, Local Community, RAF and Museum at London

Some information from RAF Museum can be used as general information such as and , Virtual tour and

Further information relating to this event please contact any member of CSCS committee

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