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SKLPC (UK) President Mavji Dhanji Vekaria recently visited Nepal to see where the Samaj can best use funds raised to support and help rebuild.

NEPAL : Field Visit Report

Reached Kathmandu on the 1st of July 2015. We began our field visits on the 2nd of July 2015.

Visiting members: Mavjibhai Jadhava, Amit Parmar, Inderjeet Yadav, Jai Kishun Roy, Pawan Roy and Navin Prasad

Date of visit: July 02, 2015

Place of Visit: Mahadevsthan Village Development Council (VDC)- Ward No 07/09, Kavre Palan Chowk

Local Guide: Mahadevbesi VDC- Bimal Sapkota

Background and facts of the VDC:

Total Household (HH): 2200

Partial and fully damaged by earthquake: 1850 HH

Ward No 07– Out of 110 HH, 107 HH is fully damaged

Kalidevi Primary School has 250 students which got Red Sign Sticker by the Government with its destroyed classrooms and buildings. Temporary Learning Centers was being constructed from the support of government. These centers are made of local bamboos and corrugated zinc sheets.

Ward No 09 – Out of 220 Danuwar (Minority) and Dalits HH 100 percent houses are fully damaged. There are sheltering nearby temporary houses build by old zinc sheets and woods to hide from monsoon and sun.

Dedithumka Higher Secondary School has 1850 students where 40 years old building was fully damaged with an immediate construction need. Two other buildings are marked red as well by the government. Red mark means the building needs to be demolishes or can’t be used any more for any purposes.


–          107 HH in ward no 7 are sheltering in very pathetic conditions with no proper sanitation, no water and in shelters made by woods and old zinc sheets. Many disable children’s were moved to the nearby concrete building constructed by Rotary in 2014 to take a temporary shelter.

–          Water Resource/supply line is damaged caused by earthquake due to which there is no proper water supplies in the village especially in ward no 07 and 09. The villagers are solely dependable on water source which is almost at a distance of one kilometer. Dedithumka Higher Secondary School in ward no 09 have five main building out of which the oldest building constructed 40 years ago is fully destroyed by the earthquake. It has got 09 classroom made by the locals representing each wards.

–          Because that there is only one concrete shelter made by Rotary, people are sheltering there occupying rooms by orphanage and children with disability. Thus, need of community centers is in higher demand so that people can shelter and later on use as a community earning space to make it more usable and sustainable.


–          107 HH in ward no 7 needs immediate shelters or makeshifts (20*40) that is temporary in nature build by metal frames and zinc sheets with doors and windows until govt. declares any relief packages to the victims

–          Ward No 07 /09 needs to relocate the water resource followed by the construction of New Intake tanks and at least five stationary reservoirs in between to the village and HH.

–          Dedithumka higher Secondary School situated in ward no 09 needs immediate construction of the destroyed building to run the school efficiently. The destroyed building has 09 classrooms which sufficiently accommodates students from grade 09 to 10.

Date of visit: July 03, 2015

Place of Visit: Thauthali VDC- Ward No 01/03, Sindhupalchowk

Focal Persons at Field: Thauthali VDC, Anil Shrestha

Background and facts of the VDC:

Total Household (HH): 785

Partial and fully damaged by earthquake: 85 HH 700 HH

Ward No 03

Tripura Sundari Higher Secondary School is the only one higher secondary school in the whole VDC. It has 6 blocks where two blocks was built by JICA in 2006; one block by GIZ and 2003 and the rest of the school building is build 67 years ago. The oldest building is fully collapsed and hence it needs to be constructed soon as it is the biggest block of the school. Altogether 385 students are enrolled in the school because the density of this VDC is very low and there are no other primary schools in nearby vicinity.

Ward No 01 – A 300 years old Tripura Sundari Mai temple was destroyed and fallen apart into dust when the earthquake hit the area.  This temple is 300 years old. The temple is famous among almost five districts and every year there are numerous festivals organized by 35 VDC together.

Newly constructed Health Post, 2014 was totally damaged and there is right now one temporary room from where health post is running its services. Government has  plans to rebuild health post as it is an urgent need of the community.


–          The people of that area and nearby districts have strong faith over the temple. The temple itself has a significant meaning in the daily lives of the people who are in trauma and agony. People from villages strongly argue that the less causalities from earthquake happened due to the goddess and hence they want to start the rituals as soon as possible. Sindhupalchowk itself bears a heavy loss of almost 3500 casualties.

–          Tripura Higher Secondary School situated in ward no 03 have only one block left which was also given a red mark by the government. Child Fund, an INGo has build a temporary shelter in nearby ground for the children’s to feel safe and run regular classes to continue their studies. The 67 years old building needs to be constructed with a new structural design and earthquake resistant. Most of the aftershocks epicenter falls in Sindhupalchowk and the fear also still continues in this area.

–          Open learning space or community center seems lacking in this VDC though there are plenty of open lands in nearby school premises. The community center can have multiple usages to school children’s as well as to the villagers to organize local festivals and cooperative groups to conduct meetings.


–          The 300 years old temple need immediate attention and need to be restored without any delay.

–          Community Center or Open Learning Space is required for children’s and community people to best utilized during disaster and community gatherings

–          The Old building of the school need a construction of new structural building as soon as possible so that children can resume the school with confident. The construction of new building will require huge amount of time and other monetary investments. Government will also support this building partially if any agency is interested to help this school.

Date Of visit : 4th July 2015

Visited two VDC in the Karve district . First being the Rayali village and the second was Kushadevi situated on top of a high hill with almost 75 families of Tamang, a tribal community living there.

We first visiting a Shanti Nikatan Higher Secondary School benefitting over 700 children. The school has been partially damaged, with one of the building declared unsafe by the govt. but the other adjacent building is safe. We witnessed a temporary Bamboo made school being built in the premise supported by the Govt. under the scheme of Temporary Learning Centre [TLC].

We then happened to travel uphill to the village Kushadevi. The small Primary school with little over 175 students, has suffered extensive damage beyond repair. We saw a Temporary learning Centre made out of Bamboo being constructed.

On the 5th of July, we invited members of Local Charities for a meeting. We heard each of them and their opinion as regards rehabilitation projects and the prioritize projects for rehabilitation in the places we visited and then asked them to submit fresh realistic proposal which we could consider supporting.

On the 6th of June, we visited the offices of two of the local charities despite heavy rain. First was the office of “We For Change”. We were received by their President Monika, who showed us around the office set up. This is an organization run by 58 youths between the age group of 16years to 24 years. A small but looked organized.

The second was the office of Sarlahi Salempur-Kathmandu Support Society . We were attended by their President Shri Bijay Kumar Yadav and Vice-President Jai Kishun Rai, who briefed us on various activities they have undertaken post Earthquake in Nepal.

We have sought for project proposals from the places we visited, as per our observations and priorities.

VILLAGE: Mahadevsthan in Kavre

  1. Children Learning space.
  2. Water facilities to the village
  3. Construction of Toilet sets .

Village : Tauthalli in Sidhupalchawk

  1. Children activity centre or a Muti-purpose centre.
  2. Water facilities
  3. Temple restoration .

Village: Kushadevi

  1. Children learning space
  2. Water facility at the school
  3. Last on priority will be housing .

To see images of the visit please click here

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