SKLPC Saturday School

About Us

The SKLPC Saturday School is part of Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community (UK) and has been running at Claremont High School in Kenton north west London for a number of years.

Our Aims

~ To be a supporting education service for students aged between 5 to 18.

~ To prepare students for national exams.

~ Provide opportunities for children and adults who wish to learn Gujarati language up to GCSE level.

~ Provide extra help to students who have learning difficulties.

~ To provide general knowledge lessons in the Hindu Culture.

Our History

1978 This was the year when the SKLPC Gujarati classes were first established with the guidance of Premjibhai Varsani and with the help of Sureshbhai Varsani, Sarlaben Kara and Arunaben Vekaria. Initially the classes took place at the Hendon Samaj Hall where children were taught in groups. In the course of two years the Gujarati classes received help from Sushilaben Bhudia and Premjibhai Bhoja.

1984 The number of classes increased as more of members became aware of the school. This led to the SKLPC Saturday School moving to larger premises where six classes were in operation.

1985 Saw further expansion and required two schools to cater for children in the North London area. One held in Finchley, which was run by Sushilaben Bhudia, and another in Kenton (Claremont High School, which is the present venue of SKLPC Saturday School) run by Vijyaben Bhanderi.

1994 Was the year Hansaben Khetani together with Late Jaswantiben Pindoria began Maths and English tuition classes for years 4 to 13, consisting of 40 students. Chandubhai Halai and Hansaben Pindoria took on the responsibilities to improve the Gujarati Classes.

1995 Saw the Tuition classes expand quantitatively and qualitatively. Initiative was taken by the Education Committee to encourage the Youth to help in the school in the form of Support Teachers, Admin, Organising etc. School syllabus was established with the help of Chandubhai Halai, Hansaben Pindoria, Binduben Vyas and Rashilaben Shah. Balmandir Tuition classes were introduced for years 1 to 3.

1996 GCSE Gujarati Classes for the OCR examination were introduced in our school by Rashilaben Shah and the first group of pupils sat for this examination the same year.

1997 Student numbers increased to 350+ and subjects taught included Gujarati, Maths, English, Computer Studies and Science. A Special Needs class was also in operation and Workshop sessions for those who needed it. Balmandir classes were also organised for children aged 5-7. The Cultural side of the school initiated by Divya Vekaria was increasing in popularity, which included Dancing and learning musical instruments.

1998 Started Gujarati Balmandir classes for ages 5-7, with the help of Sarlaben Asher and Jyoti Patel.

2001 Due to increasing demand, GCSE science classes were introduced, Divya Vekaria introduced Hinduism classes, and we also started Adult Gujarati classes.

2002 The initiative to train the graduated ladies from Bhuj Samaj School (Sanskar Dham) to become the future teachers commenced with the help of Hansaben Khetani and Radhaben Vekaria.

2003 We started enrolling our cultural students for exams through the Sangit Examinations, enabling our students to gain certificates and qualifications that prove their talents. Due to the popularity of Year 11 Science classes, Year 9 and 10 science classes were introduced.

2005 One day Internal Training was introduced and was conducted by Rashilaben Shah and Radhaben Vekaria.

2006 We had almost 500 students. The school covered Maths and English from Year 1 to Year 11, A-Level Maths classes, Science classes for Years 9, 10 & 11, Gujarati classes, including GCSE and Adult classes, and finally Culture classes, which include Tabla, Harmonium, Folkdance & Bollywood Dance.

2009 Launch of our first very series of Gujarati textbooks/workbooks titled Learn Gujarati. Level 1 and Level 2 are selling successfully. We lowered intake age for students for Gujarati to 3.5. This class has proved to be very popular. We also started a Bharatnatyam class that is run in association with the Nrityakala Dance Academy.