Gujarati Learning Resources – Year 4+

These resources are aimed at students in Years 4 and above. There are many resources provided including links for apps, videos, stories and example essays. There are resources to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing skills across a wide range of topics. Please read through the instructions and follow along. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving or adding extra resources, please email us at Thank you and enjoy learning!


  • Reading and listening practice including new vocabs

Read the different stories and check the words which you don`t know in the dictionary or ask someone who understands Gujarati to help you. Learn the words and translate your favourite story into English.

  • Go to play store and download this application which is free and has lots of stories.

It will improve your reading and vocabulary, so please read one story a day or once a week at least.

  • Bal Varta

Search for Gujarati stories on YouTube

Read or listen to the story and find any difficult words in the dictionary and then use it to make a sentence.
  • Watch this video for some easy questions and answers in Gujarati. Watch it with a person who speaks Gujarati in your house or over the phone to practice some questioning and answering. This video also provides a basic understanding of words and help with Gujarati speaking too.

Grammar practice

  • Visit this website. There are all kinds of vocabulary, phrases, grammar to practice. There is also work on tense which you can revise with explanation and practice. After revising, write 10 to 20 sentences for each tense and try to understand the differences between them in writing, speaking and listening.
  • Visit this website to practice grammar. There are also topic related vocabulary and sentences which are taught through audio to help you practice. You can try and make other sentences related to the topics and join them with connectives.
  • This link covers all Gujarati grammar with explanations. Take one lesson every day to practice grammar. Also, use above grammar websites to practice the same topic and create sentences. There is also a lesson for tenses which you can use to learn simple present, past and future tenses. To practice further, create 10-20 positive, negative and question sentences.

Topic based links

  • Watch this video as an example and after watching, try and talk about you and your family with someone who can understand and help you improve any errors.
  • Use these links to make a list of sports and translate them into Gujarati. Use the worksheet from class to help. Learn about your favourite sports and games in as much detail as you can and write sentences. You can also write about the importance of sports in your life in about 100-150 words.
  • Read one of these topic related essays each day and translate the essay into English. Look for the definition of any unknown words and learn them as you translate and write out the essay.
  • Try and write your own essay. (e.g.: My favourite holiday destination, my favourite sports, my family, my favourite festival, my holiday experience etc….)

Essays regarding holidays in different places:

Essay about favourite sports:

Importance of sports in your life:


Search online for an image regarding the topics below and write a picture description in Gujarati.

  1. Images of family doing house work
  2. Socialising with friends and family
  3. A friend’s birthday party
  4. Your favourite Holiday destination
  5. Different type of accommodation
  6. A school playground with children playing
  7. A classroom at school with children learning
  8. A park with children doing different types of activities
  9. Sports day of school
  10. Your favourite festival