Gujarati Learning Resources – Balmandir

These resources are aimed at students in Balmandir and focus on animated videos and play based activities. There are resources for all of the topics covered in class to ensure children are able to practice the alphabet, numbers and vocabulary in an interactive way. Please read through the instructions and follow along. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving or adding extra resources, please email us at Thank you and enjoy learning!

  • Follow the alphabet train to practice saying letters.
  • Draw your own train on a piece of paper and fill in each carriage with the letters in order.
  • Use these videos to practice saying your numbers.

  • Follow the train to practice saying the colours.
  • Play the colour game by asking someone to say a colour in Gujarati and you have to find something of that colour in the room.
  • Watch these fun fruit and vegetable videos telling you the names in Gujarati. Practice saying the names with the video.
  • To see how many you remember, you can go into your own kitchen and see what fruits and vegetables you can find and name them in Gujarati.

  • Try to listen for which animals are in this video and translate the animal name from Gujarati to English.

  • Listen to the story and discuss it with someone in your family.
  • Where does the story take place?
  • Which animals are there?
  • What are the animals doing?
  • Have fun singing along with these songs and using actions too.
  • Sing along using actions.
  • Try to listen to the names of the body parts and translate into English.